Pre­ purchase and pre­sale home inspections

All consulting work done for pre­-renovation, problem solving and course of construction inspections will be billed at the rate of $ 75.00/ hour with a minimum charge of 1 1/2 hours.


You may find a home inspector who will do a home inspection faster and cheaper but will they be as thorough? We will be inspecting every window, every door and every bathroom.

Your inspection includes a detailed written report including photographs, not merely a series of pages with boxes checked off and little or no explanation.

Where ever possible, we will be climbing ladders to access the roof and at the very least, the eaves and bottom of roof will be inspected from the ladder. Also, all exposed wood on the exterior of the home will be checked for rot including hard to access gables. All accessible attics and crawlspaces will be thoroughly inspected.

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